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Sunday, November 18, 2018


When we had to evacuate for two weeks and did not have internet access most of that time I got behind in comments. It has been a real chore trying to catch up because we get a high volume of solicitations, people trying to scam readers, anonymous, and submissions in languages that I have no idea what they are. Many are from the far or mid east. Then there are those which Google identifies as not valid or can't ID the address and they kick them out.

Sorting through all  those comments takes a lot of time and I personally have fallen behind in posting comments. I apologize to followers and readers if your comment hasn't been posted promptly. Finding and posting proper comments is labor intensive and catching up is even more labor intensive. I have posted as many comments as I could tell were proper and not something trying to lure readers into some financial or sex scam. I will try to keep up on comments better in the future and apologize as your comments are always welcome.

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