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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Refinishing a Chair

Before I retired the company I worked for wanted more upscale and modern furniture in the office. I was going home one evening and saw two wooden arm chairs and this chair in the dumpster. I checked with the manager who said I could have them as they were just throwing them away. I brought them home with me and over the years I have refinished them one by one. This one is about ready for a coat of stain. Between snow storms and being sidetracked by the last storm for several days due to the 36" of new snow.

I started this chair last year but couldn't get into it until just before the last snow storm. I have sanded and scraped and sanded and scraped. It is just about stripped are ready to refinish. Each one of those layers of paint came off reluctantly but come off they did. These are well made and very solid chairs and comfortable to sit on. Now being stripped down and when refinished they will be a nice addition to our home.

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