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Monday, August 19, 2019

Early Winter????

I certainly don't want to disparage any weather forecasters but we pay more attention to the environment around us to predict seasons than computer evaluations. We have noticed the past two weeks that toadstools and mushrooms have been appearing a month and a half before normal. The grasses have ceased to grow, leaves falling from aspen trees, ground ivy is changing color, insects like the ants are working overtime to store up food. Even more is that the Rufus hummingbirds have migrated and the black throat and Broadtail Hummingbirds are migrating more each day. The songbirds have migrated over the past several weeks. The bees are working overtime getting the pollen from the remaining flowers.

We totally missed summer this year - probably one day we over slept - and it appears we are going to cruise rapidly right through fall. Nights are slowly getting colder now.  Whether this means we are going to just have colder earlier or snow we don't know. We are working hard to get those summer/fall projects done while we can.


Gypsy said...

It sounds like you don't need weather forecasts from the so-called experts. Nature seems to be giving you all the info you need to prepare.

Bruce said...

Thank you Gypsy: We watch the signs closely and the insects, birds, animals all have far superior instincts to ours so we tend to trust their leads.