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Tuesday, October 22, 2019


The weather forecast calls for snow starting tomorrow after mid night with 5-10" total accumulation.
One of the fact of life living at 9,800' elevation is that the forecast is often wrong for us. We could get 1" to 2' of snow. It will probably start on time if we get snow but the total accumulation is anyone's guess. Usually the weather forecasters are accurate with everything but the total accumulation. We have three weather systems in the house and they often differ.

In any case we are ready should the snow come as predicted. The sub-frame is on the tractor, the snow thrower attached and all that needs to be done before tomorrow night is put on the new $400.00,  tire chains we just bought. These chains go over the lugs of the bars on the tires and hence  give a much less bumpy ride. The bar style chains we used last year gave a pretty rough ride because some of the chain went between the lugs on the tires and some went over the bar therefore giving a really bumpy ride.
So we are ready - bring on the snow.

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