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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Getting Ready For First Snow Of The Season

The National Weather Service has not changed their forecast but other weather services have us getting 12-15" of snow and as much as 2" per hour from later this afternoon to tomorrow afternoon. We put the final item on today so as to be ready in case they are right. I installed our new $400.00+ snow chains and tried them out. They work thus far as expected and no more bumpy ride with the old ladder chains. These were far easier to put on than the old chains. Snow thrower on the front, blade on the rear and chains on the tires - ready to go.

The weather is suppose to plunge to single digit later tonight but right now it is sunny and a balmy 50 degrees (f).  Since our summers are so short I had no problem remembering where my winter stuff - hats, gloves, hand and foot warmers are stored - and hence I'm ready to go. Tractor is fueled up and now I will relax and enjoy the snow if and when it arrives. I have my driveway markers in so I won't drift to far off the drive when the snow gets deep. Did a last minute check and no tools etc. left laying outside. In 8 more months snow season will end again and then we will rush frantically to prepare for the next one.

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