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Thursday, February 13, 2020

Shaving Soap

I thought I was ordering 3 bars of shaving soap and in reality I ended up with 5 which I will most likely never use. I have shaved with a mug and brush for most of my life and when I can find it I have always used Williams mug soap. Possibly because growing up in Michigan our governor when I was a kid was Soapy Williams a liberal democrat whose family (mother side) was a part of Mennen who made Williams mug soap.

I have always knew him as Soapy because of his nickname and I never heard anyone refer to him otherwise. I like Williams shaving  soap because of its lather. It has been my go to shaving soap for many years when I could find it. Apparently not many shave with a mug anymore as shaving soap is hard to find and I got this through Amazon.

I prefer Williams shaving soap much as I use Gillette blades as I met Mr. Gillette at his home in Naples, Fla. when I worked for Hartford Ins. and was impressed with his welcoming, easy going and friendly manner. I just like to use products that I know are consistently good and I stick with them. Just my nature I guess.

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Joy said...

I used to write for JRLiggett's shampoo bar. It's a great all-around purpose bar not only for shampoo, but also shaving, body soap, washing up a few dishes, washing out a garment. I don't write for him anymore, but I still love his shampoo bar, you might like it too.