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Thursday, September 21, 2023



Went in Tuesday morning to get the catheter out. Things seemed like they were back to normal until 8:00 PM.  Then the ordeal started - the one hour twenty minute drive back to the emergency room in pain. EXTREME pain. They wanted to show me self catheter techniques in case we had a repeat episode and were snowed in or couldn't get out. After three attempts by the nurse it took the physician assistant to get the job done. 

What I found out at the ER was that all those attempts caused extreme bleeding and blood clots were blocking the flow of urine. The clots were many and when they finally flushed them out we had been in the ER for and on route for 5 hours.  My problem is not unique and many men are faced with it. I write this  so anyone who has urinary retention will be aware that if they make attempts to use a catheter it could cause bleeding inside you and clots will make the situation worse.  If you know what can happen maybe you won't end up with the massive pain I went through. 

I am not prone to sharing my medical problems publicly but being aware of this if you ever have this issue (and many men do) it could save you some grief. 

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Bruce: Been there, done that. Had to self catherer while traveling in the RV. Ample use of surgical jelly on the catheter and available hot water to sterilize everything. Best of luck in your move.