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Monday, January 22, 2024

Frozen Water Line:

 We woke up yesterday to frozen water pipes. With the help of a very good neighbor and friend we tracked the issue down to the exterior where the feed line comes into the house. I am pretty hard to surprise but this left me speechless. The top photo shows the water feed to the house. We removed a thin layer of flat stones and found the feed was laying on top of the ground. 

Normally the water line is buried below the ground. Not in this case it lays right on top and out in the open. My neighbor brought a heat gun and in a few minutes it was thawed and running again. I'm surprised that no one had taken the time to fix it before so the water line was protected.

The bottom photo shows the insulated box that was built in a matter of minutes to protect the exposed water feed. Total cost was $29.00, and it will keep the feed from freezing again. Two inch Styrofoam insulation and a brooder lamp used for chickens and when it gets down to single digit again all I need to do is plug it in and the brooder lamp mounted inside will keep the water line nice and warm. Problem solved in very little time. The pieces of Styrofoam are held together with liquid nails and when painted black it will absorb heat.  


Charlotte Boord said...

How did that pass the inspection when you bought the property!!!

Bruce said...

I don't have a clue how it ever passwd inspection.