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Friday, January 19, 2024

Top Of The Apple Order:

We drove the 30 minutes to the apple orchard in Blue Ridge, Georgia yesterday and it was less packed with people. In fact only a couple other shoppers when we got there right after they opened. As it turned out that was not totally in our favor as we spent more money than anticipated. We had plenty of time to look around and there were so many tempting items for sale. They also have a bakery that sells in
dividual pies that are beyond . 

We bought plenty of apples that we love so much - Ever Crisp - that are so tasty that we hate to be without them. They are large apples, almost the size of a softball. I have never had apples that tasted as good as these do. We have enough now to last us several days. This orchard is a well know place to locals and tourists alike. It is Mercier Orchards and we will be back for sure. Love those Ever Crisp apples.... 

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