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Sunday, November 4, 2012

What About The Weevil?

What about the weevil?  Almost everyone has gone to use rice, flour, corn meal or some other product and seen those little black spots that move around  in it.  That would be the weevil.  If you are like me you try to pick them out but the more you pick out the more you see and sooner or later you realize that the only way to get rid of them is just toss out the flour, corn meal or rice.  You reach a tipping point where you conclude that to try to separate them from what you intended to use is a waste of time and it is just best to toss it all in the garbage and start over with a fresh product. 

This is a follow up topic to the previous topic and my last word on the subject.  Sometimes things have to get to the tipping point before we realize that the effort is futile.  I believe we are at a tipping point in politics.  Once over the edge the only way we can survive is to throw the entire mess away and start over.  It is up to each of us to convey to our elected officials whether in the highest office or lowest office that we will not stand for dirty politics any longer.  We also need to commit to respecting each others right to vote as they please and not twist arms or intimidate.  

Like the campfire song - it only takes a spark to get a fire burning.  If enough sparks are made known the politicians will get the message.  Maybe then once again we will hear debates that say "My worthy opponent" again and there will be accountability and respect put back into every election.  It is up to every single individual and to wait for the next person to act may put us all over the tipping point.  To say that sounds good but not take action is not going to change a thing.  Voting is not enough, you need to let them know you will not vote for anyone who puts their opponent down in any way.  We need to get back to expressing issues and not slinging mud.  To a healthy debate of issues and not people.  Just my humble opinion and if enough people say enough is enough they will listen... Are you willing to let it start with you?

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