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Sunday, November 4, 2012

View From A Mountain Top

Sometimes you need to get higher up to see things more clearly.  While I detest putting any political topics on this blog I depart from principal since this deals with the system and not the candidates. While trickle down economics only works in the short term, trickle down politics works completely and long term. The bad example starts at the top and works it way down to even our community association politics.  It seems the more distortions, outright lies, half truths that are told the more polarized our entire society becomes. Family, friends and strangers rail against each other because they gravitate to  fabrications. I have checked out enough of the assertions by both parties from top to bottom to know it benefits no one but yet people are willing to line up and defend the bottom dweller who slings better mud than his opponent. 

It starts at the top and instead of making candidates be more truthful citizens rally to one side or the other.  Principal or rightness is not a consideration.  A good example if one were even looked for is our local landowners association.  One group tries to out do the other in dishonesty and bully tactics.  Then when that group is voted out they snipe at those who replace them therefore shooting poison darts into a healthy new group.  Soon the new group only sees the disgruntled group and sours its attitude and forgets why they were elected.  Emails that look innocent and ask questions are blind copied with answers to behind the scenes people who then line up to keep the division going.  No one is given a chance to perform properly as they are enmeshed in minutiae that drains their resources.  Instead of becoming part of the "group" someone has to at some time be mature enough to say to the instigators - stop, what are you doing causing trouble like that.  Trying to rally others to your side is not benefiting anyone. This all starts right at the top of national politics.  One opponent throws out some mud and then the other counters with mud of their own.  Next thing you know the mud is neck deep and our country loses from the top down to the lowest level.  

We are a polarized country where agendas are more important than people.  After 9/11 people pulled together but it was short lived.  We need people who are willing to stand up and challenge lies, distortions, and half truths and tell those who engage in them that they would not vote for them.  People with integrity and intelligence and wisdom.  The debates for president need a strong moderator to debunk those lies each tell not let them ramble on and avoid the subject.  Maybe when we get some integrity back in the national election process we will be represented by better individuals who will do right for the country and citizens.  That is the kind of trickle down effect that needs to happen.  In the end we have no one but ourselves to blame because we feed off the dirty politics instead of making those involved accountable.  Until we stand up for what is right and good we will have mud slinging for a long time and it will sink lower and lower.  If people refused to watch the debates unless truth were told and accountability was carried out then maybe the politicians would spend those billions on people in need instead of slinging mud.  It actually comes right down to us to tell them we won't stand for it anymore and then follow up by not participating.  Think back when is the last time you heard any candidate say "My worthy opponent".  We citizens need to take the gamesmanship out of politics. That will hold candidates accountable and until then get used to being disgusted every election.

That is my view from the mountain top. It has to start somewhere - so why not with you?    

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