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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Wise Saying From Sakoieta'

We are a people who really don’t want to wait or be patient for anything. But waiting is not something where we should just sit and wait and do nothing. It is the time to get prepared. We need to "hustle" while we wait. What I mean by that is to be prepared, tie up loose ends of anything that needs to be finished,and get rid of negative thoughts and energies so we are prepared for what will come to us. I personally believe that a good person who walks life on the right path is going to be able to get everything they need from the forces that be. I have witnessed this too many times to not believe in the power of goodness and having the natural forces reciprocate by giving us the things we need for a good life committed to good health and well being. I was taught to ask for nothing but give thanks for everything and in this way prepare myself for whatever was going to come into my life whether I knew what it would be or not. Believe me, it works. :)

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