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Sunday, September 1, 2019

Early Migration

We are still 3 weeks from the calendar start of fall season. It is not always the date on the calendar but the action of the birds, insects, trees, grass and animals that indicate to us when fall starts. Here in the mountains we notice the grasses are wilting, the hummingbirds are migrating and the song birds have already migrated. We have not heard any song birds or seen robins for a few weeks. We had all three hummingbird feeders full with more waiting for a chance two weeks ago and now we have a total of 4-5 hummingbirds left.

The bears are gorging themselves, the squirrels, chipmunks are doing last minute storing of pine cones and grass seeds and the bees are slowing down from collecting nectar for the nest to see them through the winter. The ants have slowed down in collecting material for their nests and the deer are constantly eating the remaining grasses in preparation of what may be a long winter. The aspen leaves are not changing color this year - they are just falling off the trees still green.

It is not a date on the calendar that tells us when the seasons are changing but these indicators.  At least for us it appears it is going to be a long winter season. How much snow we will get or how cold it will become is still up for determination but it is going to start early. Last winter was a pretty harsh winter and this winter could be worse as it is starting much earlier.

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Gypsy said...

I hope you have lots of firewood stacked, and are prepared to be snowed in now and then. I kind of miss fall weather - here in Sacramento it's going to be hot for at least 2 more months, and I doubt if it will get below the 50's for most of the winter. I could be wrong as I remember getting a dusting of snow years ago!