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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Winter Has Arrived

Just came in from shoveling 15" of fresh snow off the deck. Still coming down at a pretty good rate. Looks like the weather prognosticators got it right which is starting the snow season off good for them. For me I prefer to start the season a little less severe. They said we could get as much as 18" and they may be close.

Glad I got the tractor tire chains on yesterday because today I'd be hard pressed to get them on with this much snow. I think I'm finally getting smarter and yesterday was a good example. It is very pretty but the 13 degrees plus light wind makes it feel like 6 degrees. Winter has arrived and with a real flair..


JO said...

Well you got it together just in time. It sure is pretty

Gypsy said...

That snow is so beautiful. I wish we would get some now and then, but if it happens in Sacramento we would really be in trouble!