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Saturday, September 23, 2023

Moving Companies:

 I had done some research on moving companies and filled out an inquiry for one that I was interested in for a free quote. Before I even got the quote our phone started ringing and continued for days. I was never able to get back to the original company I was interested in and follow up with them. I got a host of emails  warning me of moving frauds and how they offer honest moves for cheap prices. I did follow up and check some out and they had ratings and a host of complaints a mile long. Very convincing over the phone.

The reason for this follow up is if all you want to do is get telephone calls all day long and emails that fill your inbox. It would have been best to just call the company in the first place. What a week of aggravation and I suspect it is not over yet.   I write this second post on the same topic to warn folks not to fill out requests on Facebook if you don't want a deluge of calls and email. Then be sure to check out the companies that are giving you very low quotes as most have poor ratings and multiple complaints

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Anonymous said...

When I mentioned that we were looking for a VW in a FB private message to a friend, we immediately started getting VW advertisements all over the place. - SG