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Saturday, December 30, 2023

Learning Curve:

After living at 9,800' elevation for over 26 years and not having to worry about snakes I need to be more careful here where they have poisonous snakes like rattle snakes. I was  
moving some firewood around yesterday and with the many leaves on the ground I must have been careless. I have a sore wrist and discolor in the wound area but that is about all. It could have been a baby rattler but the bite would have been so fast I didn't get much venom. 

The fact that I have such a high pain threshold makes matters worse as I never felt the bite. The puncture marks are much to wide for a spider unless it was a 20 pound spider. Other than a sore wrist and some deep purple coloring that is a out the size of a lemon. I never felt the bite but noticed today my wrist was sore and a deep purple. I have to adjust and be more aware of my surroundings. 


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! Be careful! Glad you are okay!

Anonymous said...

That's a nasty looking bite! Please be more careful!